Bogucki Enterprises is a global government and commercial services provider supporting national security and foreign policy objectives around the world. Bringing a culture of compliance, accountability, and relentless performance to each program and task. We are organized under three strategic business groups:

Contingency Operations - Bogucki supports the U.S. Armed Forces, providing logistics in support of U.S. and allied forces during combat, peacekeeping, humanitarian, and training operations.

Global Logistics & Development Solutions - With a diverse range of capabilities, our expertise includes all aspects of logistics, base operations, international development, demining, supply, vehicle maintenance, marine services, and transportation.

Global Logistics Inventory Placement - We forecast and plan according to the customers demand whenever and where ever the delivery point is needed. We believe correct fulfilment and on-time delivery are the most critical parts of the order.

Our Range of Supplies Includes:

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